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That needs to avoid when dressed

That needs to avoid when dressed
That needs to avoid when dressed
That needs to avoid when dressed

Many things should we consider when we want to choose clothes or whatever we use, to make it look more cantk and interesting, we often choose the clothes that we wear less fit.

In a sense most people have an imperfect body shape.

Too tall, too fat, too small, too large breasts or hips are too big, and so forth. The right clothing choices can help enhance your appearance. Even helped budget clothing became more definite.
The body is too high-need to be avoided when dressed
@ Select bootleg trousers or pipe pieces lebaruntuk mebuat impress more shaped legs.
@ Cut lines long, skinny with dark superiors and subordinates the colors are brighter or vice versa.
@ Wear tops such unstructured jackets china models with lots of detail to create the impression of larger and shaped on a straight body.
@ Choose clothing made of thick material to add to the body's curves. For example, wool

That need to be avoided when dressed:
@ Fashion one color from top to bottom. You will look longer and thinner.
@ Wearing lines - vertical lines that will only confirm your height and size.
@ Wearing tight clothing, attached to the body.

Avoid extreme hair. Hair that is too long or too short is not suitable for you. Better to choose the hair cut was, for example, long shoulder length.

STOMACH, HIPS, and buttocks BIG
To disguise big hips and thighs:

That needs to be done when dressed:
@ Tops with long lines like elegant cut jacket or long cardigan with a belt with the front open.
@ Extend lower body with a boot-cut pants or A-line skirt. Pair with high boots.
@ Make your upper body is longer impressed with the roll neck tops or high-necked tops.

That need to be avoided when dressed:
@ Wearing flat shoes, with models that seem great.
@ Wearing subordinate (pants or skirt) with a front zipper, berploi on the front or the pocket as well. All of this will only be confirmed hips, stomach, and large buttocks.
@ Affirming the bottom of the big boss dropped waist length.


What to do when dressed:
@ Complete your outfit with a minimiser.
@ Make breasts seem smaller with the V-cut neck tops.
@ Wear bias cut dress or a skirt attached to the body and balance the shape, making the lower half of the body together with the upper body curvy.
@ Select the model simple neckline and avoid crowded detail.

That need to be avoided when dressed:
@ Wearing a cap sleeve because it makes the breasts seem bigger and arms look fatter.
@ Memebuat upper fatter impressed with thick sweaters or tops. Better to choose a soft knit material or thin cloth.
@ Memgenakan suits tailor jacket. This option is not beautify the body with large breasts.
@ Drawing the attention to this area with great jewelry or too much detail.

Avoid big hair settings. For long hair, choose a model straight, neat and elegant. For penedek hair, would be more attractive with short pieces of funky models.


* TO DO:

@ Select the luxurious materials with detail.
@ Complete with accessories for the finishing touch. For example, choose a beautiful necklace or funky footwear.
@ Extend body with lines - long lines.
@ Wear high heels.
@ Wear the proper clothing and fitting. Underwear is really - really big impact.

That need to be avoided when dressed:

@ Hiding behind the black. Try colors - soft colors such as yellow gold, brown or pink.
@ Wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose.
@ Adding fat to the material thickness.

Select the model of intersecting straight but with the thicker roots. This model frame the face and create the impression slim. Avoid mnjauhi combed hairstyles face because it creates the impression of more fat.


* TO DO:
@ Choose clothing neatly cut and fit like pieces of bias, suit tailor, fitting tops or anything that will assert your form.
@ Try clothing specifically manufactured for the petite body that looks more proportional.
@ Try tangle-crinkle material that fitted but not too tight.

That need to be avoided when dressed:
@ Covering small body dressed in two pieces that are too large.
@ Wearing shoes with heels that are too high. Better to choose the right shoe was.
@ Wearing a long tunic tops which makes legs seem too short and too long torso impressed.

Avoid hair that is too long because it will make you look shorter. To get the right hairstyle, the way the others could see the tiny crate haircut actress Madonna, Natalie Imbruglia, Kylie Minogue or

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