Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Clothing to cover shortfall

Clothing to cover shortfall
Clothing to cover shortfall
clothing to cover shortfall

Many clothing or clothes dandy in use by someone else, but if we try to use it sometimes even seems not good, this is caused by several factors, among which are krn our posture or the color of our skin.

clothing to cover the shortfall - you have hips are too big or too fat, no need to worry because you can look chic if you are clever workaround. There are several steps that can make you look more charming.

If you want to disguise big arm, you should use a long sleeve blouse or belt used to switch the view to a large part of the arm.

Want a great disguise your hips, choose dark-colored clothing from knit material that falls so you look sleek and chic. Avoid clothes that are too tight so as not to overly accentuate your hips.

clothing to cover the shortfall - To hide your big belly, you should avoid using a patterned blouse crowded as flowers, polka dots large or outline because it will make you look more broadly at the area.

Tassels, jeweled large size of the stomach can draw the eye to the area.

If you want to hide the legs are short and want to add height or extend the line of your body, you should use a dress or cigarette-legged pants and a dress cut high waist can lengthen your lower body.

clothing to cover the shortfall - Avoid long skirts to ankle, which makes an impression as if there is no leg, or calf skirt shelf that can divide your legs seem heavier and shorter.

Having breasts that are too large it also makes you fuss too. In order for large breasts smaller, wear tops or V-necked dress

clothing to cover the shortfall - Model neck can extend the neck, or can be tricked with a blouse made smooth as silk or crepe. Avoid frilly blouses / tassel at the chest. Trying Selamta.

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