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Clothes Marriage Bodo and Kebaya

Clothes Marriage Bodo and Kebaya
Clothes Marriage Bodo and Kebaya
Clothes Marriage Bodo and Kebaya

Marriage is a very special thing for all of us, usually in the event planning perkasinan lot of things that need to be prepared, among which is the wedding dress, in which case we will discuss wedding dress or wedding in order to get satisfactory results.

Traditionally very strong impression while watching the draft Era Sukamto and Tuty Cholid the performances IPMI Trend Show 2012 entitled 'Acceleration'.

Powered South Sulawesi Governor Syahrul Yasin Limpo, both featuring traditional clothing Makassar has been modified to use ingredients such as local handicrafts ikat, woven ATBM and Makassar silk fabric.

Sukamto Era comes with a collection titled 'Swargaloka'. He tried to translate the beauty of women who live in cultural diversity and have a desire to find a haven in itself. He wed Javanese and Bugis through bodo blend dress and kebaya, and convolution techniques Bugis and Javanese kingdoms.

"Ethnic Clothes such as kebaya now so it does not seem misguided traditional values ??anymore. As a designer I want to develop creativity without limits but also do not want to destroy the values ??of its own people, "he said.

This beautiful designer combines Javanese and Bugis not without cause. According to him, the two cultures have inner connection that has long been seen in the history of politics through beusan in the kingdom.

"In the past, women used cloths to Makassar dodotan same technique as in Javanese. These linkages. But in Makassar dikempit, if Java disampir cloth, "he added.

Although inspired clothes bodo Makassar, Era was not moved to use bold colors that stand out. Instead, he uses the colors are more muted. "I deliberately chose a more calm color for color trends in 2012 will be more tender," he said.

Collaboration Bugis and Javanese are very visible in a wedding dress on display. The model uses dodotan maroon woven fabric combined with the Bugis and Yogyakarta batik. Makeup was selected using ageng Paes typical Yogyakarta Palace.

While Tuty Cholid comes with a mix of cultures is more entrenched. The design theme of 'baine Gammara', which in South Sulawesi means beautiful woman. Mengolaborasikan Bugis culture, China and India.

Tuty use various weaves of South Sulawesi as weaving, weaving sungkit, and weaving ATBM. He picked up the bold colors typical Makassar into color trends 2012. "I want to make clothes and gloves bodo typical Makassar as a global trend," he said.

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